GAAP WILL BE FEEDING 200 abandoned and less privileged children this Christmas.

December 2019

The GAAP Orphanage  ‘Feeding 200 abandoned and less privileged this Christsmas’ went well with a lot of activities taking place including festive games.

Take look at some of the photos of the event below


GAAP Orphanage Foundation Children’s Day Party at the Johnson Jakande Park in Lagos State


Summer 2019

Children’s Day party at the Johnson Jakande Park of the Lagos State park authority with Bola Mofo Zion Shelter, Divine Heritage Children Centre, Tunisia Adebayo Home.

This summer party we held with over 50 children in attendance all involved in playing games, drawing activities and music!


Throwback to the GAAP Orphanage Foundation Christmas party at His Grace Orphanage Home!


A GAAP Orphanage Yearly Event

This event is another of GAAPS yearly event and this time we also had a lot of support from ‘His Grace Orphanage Home’

Numerous events were held on the day including the use of Santa’s Grotto! Children had a gift bag each from Santa Clause on exiting the Grotto.

A Christmas meal was made available for everyone with food and drink served to everyone.


GAAP Orphanage Foundation Kids Summer Art Classes August & September 2019! Event date is August 21st to 22nd at the Red Cross Orphanage Home


August and September 2019

This event is another of GAAPS yearly event and this time we have a lot of support from some of our supported partners including:-


Cardinal Academy – Will be carrying out training on the numerous aspects of the Summer Art classes and are expecting value to be added to the lives of all the kids that attend this Summer art explosion.

Bola Mofo Zion Shelter – Will be our chosen venue for the second part of the GAAP Orphanage Foundation Kids Summer Classes 2019. 


GAAP COMPUTER TRAINING 2019 – Mondays to Thursdays between 10:00am till 2:00pm



Here is to host computer training sessions for kids between the ages of 7-12 from 3 orphanage homes (5 kids from each home) from Monday through Thursdays for 2 weeks between the times of 10:00am and 2:00pm


As kids from orphanage homes will be reached out to and taught about basic knowledge of computer and its usage, thereby giving them a chance in life to have quick start through ICT skills. The aim actually, is to very soon; bring the kids to the knowledge of programming and more advanced skills of ICT.
With this, a home or three as in this case, Gaap is able to reach out to kids and offer them advanced education. It will be our joy to help these kids excel.
MORE GIST INTO THE IDEA.. ..Or some more boring details.
With the help of volunteers(who will be teaching the kids or helping out with simple tasks and activities) we will be making this happen at the Gaap educational center during the period that these kids will be on break from school.

They will be expected to eat every morning from their respective homes before coming down to the center (as we will not be making provision for food, but snacks for the kids, their care givers or the volunteers) in company of one care giver.

Each home is expected to bring the kids with their own vehicle and take them back. Whichever home is unable to, we might look into ordering a ride for them.

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