Get involved

If you want to help us make this vision a reality there are 4 ways you can get involved with GAAP.

1. Trustees.  Trustees are responsible for governing the organisation and ensuring the aims are met. This is a trusted role and requires experience, skills and time to undertake specific duties. At present GAAP would particularly welcome interest from individuals with fundraising skills and experience in applying for grants.

2. MembersMembers contribute specific skills and resources to help GAAP further their aims but do not have governing responsibilities. At present GAAP would particularly welcome interest from individuals able to initiate and help run fundraising events in your area.

3. Volunteers Volunteers provide extra hands that enable us to do tasks that otherwise might never get done. We would particularly like volunteers who will be able to offer their time to collect and sort clothing donations to GAAP, promote the work of GAAP at specific events, undertake some administrative tasks for GAAP. If you have any time to spare we would welcome your contributions. The volunteer role in GAAP is being extended so please see attached leaflet for further information on how you can get involved.

4. Donation 

To achieve our aims we really need people to commit to donating as little as £5 per month by standing order. Details of how to do this are attached or can be found on our website @

We also need good quality children’s clothing, shoes, toys, educational aids etc to be donated. Please contact us on 0208 595 8355 if you would like to deliver items or have them collected.

Simply, download your Get involved with GAAP PDF, complete and return it to us.