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24 -26 October 2018

This is the latest event from GAAP orphanage foundation.

After successfully hosting a similar event back in 2012 and witnessing the benefits of the course catalysed by the feedback from the attendees, GAAP is hosting the same event with more gravitas in association with strategic organisations.

The event is being held over 3 days between 24 – 26 October 2018 in collaboration with :-

1. Cardinal Academy of Emergency Care – Academy

Presenting specialist emergency care procedures at the event using key techniques that allow for optimum support on all child nutrition methods. 

2. Baby Grubz –

Another strategic partner delivering nutrimental data on the best way to ingest nourishing food products to optimize health in children.

3. Illumina Lifestyle Consulting –

Illumina Lifestyle Consulting provide nutrition,  lifestyle and wellbeing specialist services and hence bring prolific and invigorating methodologies on the subject of nutrition to this event.

Please see a copy of the event guide below.

The following GAAP certificates have been designed for issuance to all delegates on successful completion of the event 

Looking forward to seeing you there!!


How it all went at the Neuro-Development Disorder Awareness & ABA Training Edition – 28th September 2017

The event went really well and the objective, which was to raise awareness within the community proved to have been a worthwhile exercise as the attendance was good and a lot of attendees left with relevant referral materials.

Attendance was just under 100! Professionals were at hand to deliver the various topics and provide answers to questions. 

Fig 1 – The GAAP enquiry stand at the event – Set up to allow dialogue with all visitors and potential volunteers

Fig 2 – Trainees seated for the start of the event and during the event.

Fig 3 – Facilitators seated at the start of the event and during the event.

28th September 2017 – Neuro-Development Disorder Awareness & ABA Training Edition

GAAP Orphanage Foundation is delivering an event on NEURODEVELOPMENTAL DISORDER AWARENESS AND ABA TRAINING EDITION for teachers and caregivers. This is a social development program in conjunction and partnership with the Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social Development.

GAAP is partnering with OjulogeArts to make this happen; the training kicks off with a breakfast dialogue.

The breakfast dialogue is a platform where over 5,000 invited guests including parents, schools and organizations will get the opportunity to ask questions from professionals about Neurodevelopmental disorders and the best way to handle affected children, especially as regards to their socialization, education and community inclusion.

The Breakfast dialogue is scheduled to hold on the 28th of September 2017 at Adeyemi Bero Auditorium Lagos State Secretariat Alausa Ikeja Lagos, marking the opening ceremony.

22nd December 2015 – Christmas Party

Details coming soon…

 GAAP Fashion Training for Female Orphans – Starting November 2016
– A initial four week long training programme for a small number of orphans to give them basic introduction to fashion and textile design.

4th July 2015 – Julie’s Snowdonia Seven Peaks Challenge

I aim to raise money for GAAP Orphanage Foundation’s (Nigeria) current education centre by climbing the Snowdonia 7.

Running 7 peaks, 22 miles in less than 10 hours for Gaap Orphanage Foundation because I want to help fund this so needed charity

On the 4 th July  with work colleagues in a team of 4 we are travelling 22miles over 7 peaks in the Snowdonia  National Park. The journey is approximately 22 miles long and must be done in less than 10 hours  carrying safety kit to complete the challenge successfully.

I’m completing this gruelling fell run to provide some help to the abandoned children in Nigeria who face real challenges on a day to day basis.

It would really make such a difference if you could support my challenge.

Thanks very much for your support.

Click the link below to support Julie:


29th June 2014 – Seven Energy’s Three Peaks Challenge

A team from Seven Energy Limited are aiming to raise money for Nigerian GAAP Orphanage Foundation by climbing the highest peaks in Scotland, England and Wales in under 24 hours!  They  plan to start at Ben Nevis on Sunday at 3pm,  then travel through the night down to the Lake District for Scafell Pike before looking to finish at Snowdon on Monday at 3pm.

They will be attempting this gruelling 26 miles in order to provide with some help the abandoned children, who face real challenges on a day- to-day basis.

Please support this challenge by visiting our justgiving page to make a DONATION.

Thanks very much for your support.

Big thanks to:

  • Michael Topping
  • Alena Maksimuk
  • Stewart Robinson
  • Neil Duncan
  • Chris Ratcliffe
  • John Arthur
  • Raul Bastante
  • Christophe Ribeiro
  • Josh Davidson
  • Bruce Burrows


March 2014 – Tony Snow half Marathon – Eastbourne

GAAP Trustee Tony Snow will be participating in the Eastbourne Half Marathon in March 2014 and is seeking sponsorship as part of our initiative to raise funds for the construction of the GAAP Education Centre. He has set two bold targets:
1. To run the 13.1 mile distance in UNDER 2 hours.
2. To raise £1,000 and give a big boost to the fundraising effort for the GAAP Educational Centre
Training is coming along nicely, Tony tells us, but its starting to dawn on him that the distance is quite a long way to go! Your support will make that training a bit easier – so give what you can!
The easiest way to make a donation is via Tony’s Just Giving Page –


July 2014 – Spinning Event at Three Rivers Golf Club

Stow Road, Cold Norton, Purleigh CM3 6RR

GAAP Summer spinning

October 2014 – GAAP’s 6th Yr Anniversary Party

Details coming soon…

December 2014 – Christmas Fundraising Party

Details coming soon…