Current Projects

March 2022


Friday 18 March

Over the last few months GAAP has been actively visiting the orphanage homes we support in order to affirm our commitment to enriching the lives of orphans in need.

Our Nigerian Trustees along with all UK trustees agreed it is a good idea to present tangible certificates to our current list of supported orphanages in line with demonstrating our ongoing dedication and passion for the empowerment of orphans.

Rachael and team, spearheaded by one of our Trustees, Boye Fanolipe, visited and presented a GAAP certificate to each of the homes listed below.

  • Bola Mofo Zion Shelter located in Iju-Agege
  • Devine Heritage Children’s Centre located in Ikorodu
  • Ijamido Orphanage Home located in Sango
  • Tower of Refuge Orphanage Home located in Surulere
The photos above are of Tower of Refuge Home and Ijamido Home respectively.

December 2021


Thursday 23 December

After our celebratory Christmas party last Saturday it was Santa’s turn to pay our children a surprise visit!

Racheal and Team planned and executed the day to the point where everyone was taken by surprise as Santa arrived with his classic Ho! Ho! Ho! echoing out loud as he entered the chosen location.

With a selection of presents which included Teddy Bears; Cinderella Dresses; Multi Coloured Socks; A variety of shoes in multiple colours and more, Santa Claus delivered different smiles onto the faces of all the children today.


Remember Captain Jeff? He was the MC at the Christmas party last week! He did not fail to deliver as he engaged everyone in multiple games prior to and after Santa’s magical moments.

The entire team at GAAP Orphanage would like to truly show our gratitude to Racheal for her tenacity this year and the support from her entire team of angels.

Have a Merry Christmas!!

December 2021


 Saturday 18 December

Another year ends with a GAAP celebratory Christmas Party for the children! Arranged and organised by our project coordinator Rachael, the day was classed as a success as children were delightfully elated with the day.

The MC for the day was Captain Jeff who really entertained the audience with his all round communication skills with Gidicakes creating the cake for the day.

We’d like to thank our team for their relentless efforts but of course we would like to extend our gratitude to all our supporters and sponsors.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


December 2021


 Saturday 4 December 10:40am!

Following on from our previous event (GAAP GIRL CHILD DAY), we received  a number of pledges from some of our supporters/volunteers.

Today saw the inception of one of those pledges involving catering to 31 girls at SILVERBIRD CINEMAS IKEJA.

Our ever enthusiastic project coordinator in Lagos along with her support team met with all 31 girls at Silverbird Cinema Ikeja where they watched one of the latest Disney Films entitled ‘ENCANTO’

If you have not seen it then please take a peek here at the Disney YouTube trailer here

To see sample of the energy and enthusiasm the event brought to everyone, take a look at the photos below.


October 2021

GAAP GIRL CHILD DAY 2021: Saturday 9 October 10am – 1pm

Next week (11th October 2021) is International Day of the Girl Child. In support of this event we (GAAP Orphanage Foundation) are organising an education and support programme to encourage our girls. Please support us as we celebrate our children

July 2021

Team GAAP Revisits the Destitute Home Oko-Baba, Ebutte-Metta to: Dig a Bore Hole & Improve Sanitisation!

December /January 2021

Team GAAP Refugee Camp Relief Provision at Destitute Camp Oko-Baba, Ebutte-Metta!

At the turn of the year and into 2021, team GAAP paid a visit to one of the key refugee camps and safely supplied food, drinks and nutrients to the refugees.

Team GAAP proactively prepared pre-packed collections containing a variety of food including meat, fish, fruits and drink products to continue with our ongoing 5 FRUITS A DAY CAMPAIGN see details by clicking here

GAAP will like to this opportunity to continue to thank you for all your unconditional support over the years.

Until the next time stay safe!

December 2020

GAAP Christmas Party December 2020!

Our 2020 Christmas party catered for over 58 children across 3 orphanage homes supported by GAAP. 

The 3 GAAP homes are:-

  1. Divine Heritage Children Centre in Ikorodu
  2. Tower of Refuge Home in Surulere
  3. Bola Mofo Home in Iju Ishaga
Team GAAP was spearheaded by Rachael and a number of key volunteers/supporters who were very pro-active by preparing all the children’s gifts via separation into various packs containing Shoes, Books and Toys.

The team set off at the crack of dawn and headed for Bola-Mofo Zion Shelter where the first party took place with 35 children. Party packs were given to each child along with a well known traditional dish.

The team then headed to the other 2 GAAP homes where the rest of the children were thoroughly entertained.

We look forward to next year!


November 2020

GAAP & Akeem Laptop Presentation

GAAP met up with one of our very first children called Akeem who we came in contact with on one of our first journeys into an Orphanage home in Nigeria. Through tenacity and dedication Akeem remained in contact with GAAP and due to Akeem’s musical talent GAAP have added to his studio equipment by providing him with a laptop.

October 2020

World Child Day




August 2020

Tour de GAAP – GAAP Feeding Project –


GAAP Orphanage Foundation is carrying out a Food Relief campaign this summer on Saturday 8th of August 2020 to feed 500 children!

GAAP will be donating free food items including Rice, Beans, Indomine and Yam to 2 distinctive registered care homes as follows:-

1. Divine Heritage Childrens Centre DHCC Ikorodu Lagos.

Divine Heritage Childrens Home caters for around 35 children by  providing food, accommodation and healthcare with an added focus on their educational needs. As support for the infrastructure is a regular need, GAAP Orphanage Foundation have taken on the project this Summer to provide food and clothing items to the home. See photos of our preparation for the event further below.

2. Refugee Camp For Supporting Disabilities Ebute Metta

GAAP has identified a crucial gap involving the need of Refugee Camps for all sorts of support mechanisms including Clothes, Food and Educational needs. This Summer GAAP Orphanage F0undation has embarked on a campaign to provide these essentials to the refugee camp in Lagos.


Below are photographic details of the GAAP Team preparing for our ‘Feeding Campaign’ on 8th August by actively sorting out the contents of our latest shipment from the United Kingdom, into bags for the relevant homes.

The GAAP Team includes our support personnel & volunteers.

Remember, it is with the ‘ unconditional kind’ support YOU provide that GAAP Orphanage Foundation is able to carry out it’s AIMS and OBJECTIVE which is simply –

To relieve child poverty in Africa, especially in Nigeria with the long term objective of establishing a children’s orphanage to offer direct help through fundraising activities, donations, events and ideas in order to provide basic necessities such as housing, medical support, educational facilities and clothing. In doing this we hope to help rebuild lives and give more confidence to families in need with particular emphasis on abandoned and orphaned children within these remote communities.

Please help with a donation by using our donation link below




August 2020


A COVID-19 £2,000 £5,000 Fundraiser is our next target and we need your help in continuing our charity work aimed at delivering empowerment to orphans.

Find out more about GAAP Orphanage Foundation by clicking here

The GAAP Trustees Team  participating in the COVID-19 Cycling Fundraising event.

From left to right – Douglas, Paul, Abbey and Terry.

 – Click here to see the running totals of our cycling Trustees in km!


– Click here to see photos of our cycling journey from day 1!


Collectively, the Trustees and Volunteers of GAAP Orphanage Foundation will be cycling over an unspecified time to fundraise for our charity to support our orphanages during this period of COVID-19.

With, primarily the interest of orphans at the forefront, GAAP Orphanage Foundation plan to deploy all raised funds in targetted areas including:-

  1. Helping provide continued and sustained access to clean water
  2. Helping with the provision of hand sanitisers
  3. Helping with the provision of Personal Protective Equipment for the GAAP Orphanage Foundation support team
  4. Increasing awareness via continued Training & Development on the subject of how to stay safe during the pandemic



The GAAP Orphanage Foundation COVID-19 £2,000 £5,000 Fundraiser pages are accessible from the following sites through which donations can be made.

1. GAAP website at:- –

Donations can be made via PayPal or using a Debit Card by clicking here. You can also use the donate button below.

2. GAAP Facebook Page at:-

3. GAAP Justgiving page at:-

4. All personal and company cheques can be made payable to GAAP Orphanage Foundation and sent to:-

GAAP Orphanage Foundation
492 Gale Street, Dagenham,

5. All BACS transfers can be made to:-

GAAP Orphanage Foundation
Bank – Barclays Bank
Sort Code:-  20-72-89
Account Number :-  13668762



GAAP Orphanage Foundation will record all cycling activity on its Strava profile and then share out regular progress details on our Facebook page. The information will contain aspects including the cycling distance covered along with routes used during the fundraiser. Strava is a real time platform that allows users to record numerous types of ‘keep fit’ activities for either record purposes, motivational reasons, health and fitness goals etc allowing GAAP to have real time information for our fundraiser.

In addition to our Strava update regular posts will feature on our Facebook page along with all relevant photos taken during the period of our fundraiser.

The Trustees and Volunteers of GAAP Orphanage Foundation look forward to a successful fundraising event but with your help we are confident that we will achieve our desired results and hence ‘deliver empowerment’ to orphans.


       Yours Sincerely



December 2019


Every year, GAAP has supported a home by delivering a Christmas party for the children. In December 2019, we decided to put one on for three hoes: Bola Mofo Zion Shelter, Divine
Heritage Children Center, and the Tower of Refuge Motherless Home.
Immediately after, we reached out to children in need at in the Destitute
Home Refugee Camp Ebutte-Meta Lagos. It houses refugees who have
been forced out of their homes due to war and disasters in the North. GAAP
also donated 2 cakes to heighten the Christmas celebrations.
GAAP then went on to donate food on the street and fed over 100 children.




August & September 2019

GAAP Orphanage Foundation Kids Summer Art Classes August & September 2019! Event date is August 21st to 22nd at the Red Cross Orphanage Home

This event is another of GAAPS yearly event and this time we have a lot of support from some of our supported partners including:-


Cardinal Academy – Will be carrying out training on the numerous aspects of the Summer Art classes and are expecting value to be added to the lives of all the kids that attend this Summer art explosion.

Bola Mofo Zion Shelter – Will be our chosen venue for the second part of the GAAP Orphanage Foundation Kids Summer Classes 2019. 



July 2019

Boye Falonipe – The First IITTI Associate in Africa goes by the name Boya Falonipe from GAAP Orphanage Foundation! –


In recognition of his strides in the image consulting industry, the International Soft Skills Standards and Testing body, ( pronounced ‘ET’) has announced Boye Falonipe of Noir Enhancement Ltd as its first Associate in Africa. IITTI, is the internationally accepted body which regulates soft skills curriculum development and testing for corporate application- certifying job seekers and professionals in business etiquette, image, cultural awareness and civility. It has its headquarters in Canada.

His confirmation and announcement came after almost a decade of consistent work in corporate image development and personal brand improvement for organizations and individuals respectively. He contributed to the development and review of international soft skills standards as well as advocacy for the international body, IITTI.
IITTI Associates around the world promote and administer the IITTI universal curriculum and certification.


Early 2019

GAAP COMPUTER TRAINING 2019 – Mondays to Thursdays between 10:00am till 2:00pm – Early 2019


Here is to host computer training sessions for kids between the ages of 7-12 from 3 orphanage homes (5 kids from each home) from Monday through Thursdays for 2 weeks between the times of 10:00am and 2:00pm


As kids from orphanage homes will be reached out to and taught about basic knowledge of computer and its usage, thereby giving them a chance in life to have quick start through ICT skills. The aim actually, is to very soon; bring the kids to the knowledge of programming and more advanced skills of ICT.
With this, a home or three as in this case, Gaap is able to reach out to kids and offer them advanced education. It will be our joy to help these kids excel.
MORE GIST INTO THE IDEA.. ..Or some more boring details.
With the help of volunteers(who will be teaching the kids or helping out with simple tasks and activities) we will be making this happen at the Gaap educational center during the period that these kids will be on break from school.

They will be expected to eat every morning from their respective homes before coming down to the center (as we will not be making provision for food, but snacks for the kids, their care givers or the volunteers) in company of one care giver.

Each home is expected to bring the kids with their own vehicle and take them back. Whichever home is unable to, we might look into ordering a ride for them.


We might want to look into helping with their transportation to and from the Gaap edu center during this period.
TO ENCOURAGE THE KIDS.. We will have quizzes daily or at the end of both weeks and rewards, depending on the curriculum to be developed with the facilitator
RESOURCES During this period, we will need ;

Cleaning agents
Operating systems installed in some computers
Servicing the generator
Fuel to run the generator
Snacks (cartons of biscuits, sweets etc.)
Packets of small boxes of juice
Transportation cost for the volunteers
Data .


October 2018

24 -26 October 2018


Our Chairman, Abbey Orebanwo along with Tony Snow (GAAP trustee) and Angela Tillet (Illumina Lifestyle Consulting) departed from the UK via Heathrow airport days before the start date of the event.

Needless to say they were all very early risers and coffee was a real neccesity hence why, the photo below acts as evidence showing Tony Snow about to take a sip of his very strong Columbian brew!


Apparently breakfast was fantastic and provided the energy required for the flight.

Their flight lasted well over 6 hours and on arriving at Murtala Mohammed airport, the team was met by some of our Nigerian GAAP trustees. The trustees headed back to base camp – The GEC Centre.

GAAP Refurbishment


The Computer room

With the event kicking off on October 24th 2018, attendees turned up promptly keen and eager to proceed with the benefits the day was targetting to bring!

The GAAP Education Centre (GEC) was set up to cater for all attendees by having all training/seminar resources displayed strategically and easily accessible.

The resources included:- Training Documentation / First Aid kits / A set of Mannequins

The 1st day was followed by another invigorating and inspiring day 2 with all delegates deeply engaged with the events including the presentation from Angela Tillet.

Angela focussed on the real values of proper nutrition by explaining how and what types of food, frequency of intake along with calorific values provide optimum sustenance.

Delegates in Action below –


After the 1st day dinner was made available at a local restaurant serving some well deserved Asian quisine.


September 2017

Neuro-Development Disorder Awareness & ABA Training Edition – September 2017

GAAP Orphanage Foundation is delivering an event on NEURODEVELOPMENTAL DISORDER AWARENESS AND ABA TRAINING EDITION for teachers and caregivers. This is a social development program in conjunction and partnership with the Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social Development.

GAAP is partnering with OjulogeArts to make this happen; the training kicks off with a breakfast dialogue.

The breakfast dialogue is a platform where over 5,000 invited guests including parents, schools and organizations will get the opportunity to ask questions from professionals about Neurodevelopmental disorders and the best way to handle affected children, especially as regards to their socialization, education and community inclusion.

The Breakfast dialogue is scheduled to hold on the 28th of September 2017 at Adeyemi Bero Auditorium Lagos State Secretariat Alausa Ikeja Lagos, marking the opening ceremony.


May 2017

GAAP Reading Club – May 2017

Reading for pleasure is more important to children’s cognitive development and success than education or social class

GAAP READING CLUB aims to get children from age seven (7) into the library to keep up their reading skills and confidence, in order to build a lifelong reading habit; because ‘everything changes when we read’.

GAAP, in partnership with THE NIGERIAN RED CROSS SOCIETY, commenced a reading club project in May 2017 with 15 children in participation. It is an after school program to enhance the reading ability of children.



December 2016

Christmas Event With FAHPAC Home for Motherless and Vulnerable Children – December 2016.

GAAP celebrated Christmas with orphans at the FAMILY HEALTH & POPULATION ACTION COMMITTEE (FAHPAC). Founded on the 12th of November 1992 by a female orphan who was raised by community members; she became a nurse and founded Omotola Maternity Hospital on the 1st of June 1992. As a result of her experience, she decided to give back to the community by founding FAHPAC. IMG-20170106-WA0003 IMG-20170106-WA0008 IMG-20170106-WA0011 About 31 children were in attendance. They each received gifts such as clothing materials, writing books and pens, house wears, toys and novels. They were each fed with a full and nutritious pack of Nigerian Jollof rice, fried plantain, chicken and soft drinks.IMG-20170106-WA0013 IMG-20170106-WA0015 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG-20170106-WA0004


March 2016

Trip to Nigeria – March 2016

The UK Trustees’ visit was to set up the Computer room in the newly incorporated GAAP Education Center. The centre was created to empower children with good educational standing using Information Technology hardware and software resources.

With the aim to partner with local schools, GAAP’s GEC will provide a range of educational support including Arts & Crafts, Mathematics, English Language along with  Writing & Spelling


December 2015

Christmas Outreach at the Destiny Trust Home – December 2015

Christmas was celebrated with the orphans and street children at the Destiny Trust Home, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria. We had Miss Tutu Soneye Volunteer with GAAP. She brought such delight and joy to the children. They were also fed with a full and nutritious pack of Nigeian Jollof rice, fried plantain and chicken. They also got cola and orange drinks. Games were played. This was a word puzzle game played by GAAP Staff, Miss Aanuoluwapo and one of the orphans at The Destiny Trust.

IMG_2277 IMG_2290 IMG_1946 IMG_1954

IMG_2251 IMG_2259 IMG_2210 IMG_2176

IMG_2041 IMG_2105 IMG_2091 IMG_2097 \IMG_1988 IMG_2015

The children had fun on various play grounds and swings provided by the recreation Centre. Gifts such as toys, novels, were handed out to the kids as their Christmas gift


July 4th 2015

Julie’s Snowdonia 7 peaks challenge – July 4th 2015

Running 7 peaks, 22 miles in less than 10 hours for Gaap Orphanage Foundation because I want to help fund this so needed charity

I aim to raise money for Nigerian GAAP Orphanage Foundation by climbing the Snowdonia 7.

On the 4 th July  with work colleagues in a team of 4 we are travelling 22miles over 7 peaks in the Snowdonia  National Park. The journey is approximately 22 miles long and must be done in less than 10 hours  carrying safety kit to complete the challenge successfully.

I’m completing this gruelling fell run to provide some help to the abandoned children in Nigeria who face real challenges on a day to day basis.

It would really make such a difference if you could support my challenge.

Thanks very much for your support.

Click the link below to support Julie:


June 2014

Seven Energy International Limited – June 2014

A team from Seven Energy International Limited are aiming to raise money for Nigerian GAAP Orphanage Foundation by climbing the highest peaks in Scotland, England and Wales in under 24 hours!  They  plan to start at Ben Nevis on Sunday 29th June at 3pm,  then travel through the night down to the Lake District for Scafell Pike before looking to finish at Snowdon on Monday 30th June at 3pm.

They will be attempting this gruelling 26 miles in order to provide with some help the abandoned children, who face real challenges on a day- to-day basis.

Please support this challenge by visiting our justgiving pages and make a DONATION.

Thanks very much for your support.

Big thanks to:

  • Michael Topping
  • Alena Maksimuk
  • Stewart Robinson
  • Neil Duncan
  • Chris Ratcliffe
  • John Arthur
  • Raul Bastante
  • Christophe Ribeiro
  • Josh Davidson
  • Bruce Burrows
GAAP radio interview

Charity organisation


March 2014

THINKING ALOUD WITH AYO Thursday 9pm on Blogtalkradio.

If you’re Nigerian, you’ve no doubt heard about the massacre of at least 29 teenage boys that happened in Yobe State.

These children were targeted. Targeted because they were young, targeted because they were boys, targeted by cowards who hid under the cloak of darkness to murder defenseless children!

This week’s episode of THINKING ALOUD WITH AYO by mere coincidence is focusing on orphans in Nigeria and the events of this week and a few weeks past have really brought the issue child welfare in Nigeria to the fore.

Please join me tomorrow as I host GAAP Orphanage Foundation. (

Founder Abbey Orebanwo, co-founder Terry Lewis and other members of the Foundation’s UK Trustees will be joining me LIVE to talk about their work, passion, vision, challenges and accomplishments with the work they are doing in Nigeria.

Ordinary men and women who have PURPOSED to do something EXTRAORDINARY!


March 2014

Eastbourne Half Marathon in – March 2014

GAAP Trustee Tony Snow will be participating in the Eastbourne Half Marathon in March 2014 and is seeking sponsorship as part of our initiative to raise funds for the construction of the GAAP Education Centre. He has set two bold targets:
1. To run the 13.1 mile distance in UNDER 2 hours.
2. To raise £1,000 and give a big boost to the fundraising effort for the GAAP Educational Centre
Training is coming along nicely, Tony tells us, but its starting to dawn on him that the distance is quite a long way to go! Your support will make that training a bit easier – so give what you can!
The easiest way to make a donation is via Tony’s Just Giving Page –



February 2014

About The GAAP Resource Center – Planned Opening Date –  Summer 2014

The GAAP Resource Center will offer Computing, Library, Arts and Crafts and Play Facilities to orphans and abandoned children aged 9 to 16. The planned opening is summer 2014.

Stage 1: Security (Jan – late Feb 2014)

External building modifications are required to create a safe and effective environment for the children we support.

Works started January 2014 with the demolition of an insecure low wall and building of new, higher security wall with an external guarded security station. The resource centre will also be painted to give it a fresh appeal to its users. We expect stage 1 to complete by late February.

Planned overview
Stage 2 will tackle the interior design, Stage 3 will look at the staffing requirements and liaisons with the homes we support, and Stage 4, will concentrate upon The Grand Opening. Details on each new stage will be provided as we enter that phase.


Exterior before

Exterior during


The GAAP Resource Center, Lagos Nigeria prior to Stage 1 works detailed above

Phase 1: Works in progress

Phase 1 Completed Feb 2014: Exterior after

GAAP Refurbishment

GAAP Refurbishment

The GAAP Resource Center, Lagos Nigeria had works completed to the exterior during the 3rd week of February, and we are so grateful to everyone who donated to make this happen.


Phase 2: The Interior (April – May 2014)

As it stands, the interior is dated and needs a complete redesign to convert it into a beautiful and welcoming child friendly space that the children we support will love and be eager to return to. Works will begin imminently and we expect to complete by mid-March 2014.

Images and updates will be posted over the next few days.

Architects drawing

Proposed Plans


Funding Requirements

Can you sponsor part of our project?

Detail                               Amount Needed
XXX                                     £