About Us

About Us

GAAP Orphanage Foundation is dedicated to improving the welfare of children who have become uncared for in Nigeria and we are working diligently to expand our provisions to children in other parts of the African Continent.

The mission we intend to carry out is such that we aim to deliver relief in the form of aid ranging from the provision of shelter, food, clothing, education and medical support to those children within the communities that are deprived as result of unfortunate occurrences including the act of war alongside unforeseen economical and social factors.

In doing this we hope to help rebuild lives and give more confidence to families in need with particular emphasis on abandoned and orphaned children within these remote communities


Our Strategy

Through fundraising activities and donations, GAAP Orphanage Foundation at the offset will work closely with established orphanages in Nigeria.

We will communicate with them in order to ascertain what challenges they are experiencing and support them by offering solutions to their problems.


GAAP Spider

This is our concept for working closely with Nigerian orphanages, the Nigerian Government and our partners to implement a professional care plan covering our procedure and policies. Please click the following to discover more about the The GAAP Spider


Long term objective

To set up an orphanage in Nigeria were direct support can be available to the orphans. Although GAAP Orphanage Foundation’s focus is in Nigeria, our mission is of a worldwide impact.

We will offer assistance to other orphanages in Africa where our support is required. GAAP Orphanage Foundation is about the welfare of orphans and our objective is to help wherever possible.