24 -26 October 2018


Our Chairman, Abbey Orebanwo along with Tony Snow (GAAP trustee) and Angela Tillet (Illumina Lifestyle Consulting) departed from the UK via Heathrow airport days before the start date of the event.

Needless to say they were all very early risers and coffee was a real neccesity hence why, the photo below acts as evidence showing Tony Snow about to take a sip of his very strong Columbian brew!


Apparently breakfast was fantastic and provided the energy required for the flight.

Their flight lasted well over 6 hours and on arriving at Murtala Mohammed airport, the team was met by some of our Nigerian GAAP trustees. The trustees headed back to base camp – The GEC Centre.

GAAP Refurbishment


The Computer room

With the event kicking off on October 24th 2018, attendees turned up promptly keen and eager to proceed with the benefits the day was targetting to bring!

The GAAP Education Centre (GEC) was set up to cater for all attendees by having all training/seminar resources displayed strategically and easily accessible.


The resources included:- Training Documentation / First Aid kits / A set of Mannequins

The 1st day was followed by another invigorating and inspiring day 2 with all delegates deeply engaged with the events including the presentation from Angela Tillet.

Angela focussed on the real values of proper nutrition by explaining how and what types of food, frequency of intake along with calorific values provide optimum sustenance.



Delegates in Action below –


Our Chairman along wth Trustees & Volunteers below –

After the 1st day dinner was made available at a local restaurant serving some well deserved Asian quisine.


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