The GAAP ORPHANAGE FOUNDATION CHILD NUTRITION EVENT is on the menu and is tabled for April 2018!
GAAP is looking to host this event at its GEC (GAAP Education Centre).

The event is aimed at raising awareness on the benefits of proper nutrition in children in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The event will bring together Care Givers from numerous orphanages in around the country. By having the event in a central location at the GEC, Care Givers will have an opportunity to network and exchange solid ideas along with talking through their respective challenges at their own orphanage.

With the enthusiasm of the entire GAAP Team, the GEC will also be hosting another FIRST-AID COURSE along side a CHILD EMERGENCY CLASS. GAAP Orphanage Foundation recognizes the importance of a well trained and competent First Aiding team within an orphanage hence why this event is being hosted – the second of its type!

As GAAP has a very close affiliation with the Nigerian Nurses Association, the event is targeted to be supported by qualified Nurses with the aim that a ‘lecture’ or ‘talk’ is held on the day that will cover how Child Emergency should be carried out.

GAAP is aiming to publicize this event through the usual channels but with an added push using social media.

Watch this space for updates on the outcome of these events!

See you soon!

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